Go fuck yourself

If you’ve ever taken my friendship for granted Go fuck yourself

If you’ve ever tried to hurt me and break me down Go fuck yourself 

If you’ve ever used personal shit I told you, in a fight against me Go fuck yourself 

If you’ve ever gone out of your way to make me feel stupid Go fuck yourself 

If you’ve ever ruined my good humour because of starting a fight with me Go fuck yourself 

If you’ve ever cheated on me Go fuck yourself x2

If you’ve ever spread a rumour about me Go fuck yourself 

If you’ve ever told me that I wouldn’t do anything with my life Go fuck yourself 

If you’ve ever looked down on me and thought YOU were better than me? Then guess what? Go fuck yourself 

If you’ve ever manipulated me to get what you wanted Go fuck yourself 

If you’ve ever put me in such a bad place ..that I was thinking suicide was a good/only solution Go fuck yourself 

If you ever slagged me for being slow and “retarded” just because I was a little different to the rest of you Go fuck yourself 

If you’ve ever slagged mental illness and thought it was funny Go fuck yourself 

If you’ve ever laughed at someone and made them feel small for being different to what YOU are like then you can Go fuck yourself

If you’ve ever made someone feel like it’s not okay to be who they really are …straight, gay, bisexual, asexual, trans, then please just realise that you are ruining someone’s one shot at life and happiness because of how small YOUR mind is…and simply Go fuck yourself for that. 

If you’ve ever mouthed about my family, know that people that say the most know the least sooooooo Go fuck yourself

If you’ve ever made me feel like I am nothing. I am not worth the shit on the ground, I am not even deserving of life. Then I have some helpful advice for you, sit down, clear your head, and think about what has made you like this? Since when did you think it was okay to make someone feel like they don’t even deserve to be alive? Or want to be alive? What gives you the right to do that? Are you happy doing that? Do you feel powerful having that control? Do you think it’s funny? And if the answer is yes then YOU can Go fuck yourself. 

Bullies are everywhere, in your childhood, in your adult life, in work, even in your family sometimes, in your own friendship circle, and just in society as a whole. They get kicks out of making other people feeling like shit because they’re pretty hollow inside and they need something to do. The point is, they’re always going to be horrible people unless they cop on and change, but it’s not your fault they have a problem with you. You just need to keep being a good person and don’t let them make you cold and bitter. For every bully there is a genuine person willing to help you feel better, so listen to them and not the abuse because really..they can all go fuck themselves.
This is personal to me but a message that anyone that take and adapt to their own life. Give those lowlifes the two fingers, and continue on keeping your head up and treat people how you want to be treated!! 
Peace ! 


Gay Marriage

As some of you may or may not know, I am from Dublin, Ireland. On the 22nd of May 2015 there is going to be a referendum to legalise Gay Marriage. I am 110% all for it. I am a straight 22 year old man, and I am a firm believer of “do whatever makes you happy”. I don’t judge anybody on what makes them happy, and neither should anybody else. People are born the way they are.. white,black,rich,poor, gay, straight, bi, etc there are no choices. To the people that are against gay marriage I think you should put yourselves in their shoes. You have been lucky enough to have the right to get married to the person you love simply because of the way you were born, how would you feel if people were voting against your happiness because you were born a different way?.

The ‘Vote No’ campaign in my opinion is ridiculous. I know that everybody is entitled to their opinion but when their argument is that a child needs both a mother AND father to be brought up right its just offensive and wrong. ┬áMany, many people grow up with just one parent. Whether it is the mother OR the father looking after the children there is nothing to say that those children will not grow up to be healthy and happy individuals. Its a very difficult task being a single parent because you must take on both roles and if I were a single parent in this country I would find their argument very hurtful. There is also a ‘fear’ that gay parents will bring up gay children which is completely untrue. The child will be who they are. I am sure the straightest of parents have had the experience of their son or daughter ‘coming out’ and that event has nothing to do with how they were brought up or who their parents are. It’s in their DNA and it cannot be changed.

I firmly believe that if gay parents were to adopt they would be fantastic parents. Unfortunately, many kids are not ‘planned’ by couples and it just sort of happens. When people are adopting they put in so much thought, preparation and planning because it is what they really want to do and in most cases it is the only thing they can do. Because of this I believe that they would love the child on par with any ‘normal’ parent and in some cases, a lot more. To put it bluntly, I was a mistake in my family and I felt/feel like I was never wanted and my parents were not ready to have me and give me what I needed and it’s left me with a lot of issues. My parents were allowed get married and get pregnant when they really shouldn’t have been, and its the same story for a lot of broken families. ┬áSo the argument that a child needs a mother and father is bullshit. The child needs at least ONE person that loves them and that’s it. If the child is loved which I believe every gay couple will provide then they will be perfectly fine.

Everybody deserves the right to happiness and to be with the person they love, and if they want to create a loving family that should be their right too. Nobody should take that away from anybody.

I hope whoever’s reading this agrees with me and in 4 weeks time we will know if the Irish people made the right decision or not. #VoteYes

Laters Guys !! X