Things that make me happy :)

1. Southern fried chicken
2. Popcorn
3. Other foods (bacon, potato etc)
4. Tea (can never have enough)
5. Waking up to a beautiful sunny day.
7. Lie ins and waking up without a hangover.
8. Cuddling someone.
9. Bear Hugs.
10. When someone remembers something about you that you thought didn’t matter.
11. When you’re holding hands with someone and they squeeze it.
12. Blaring my favourite tunes on walks or when I’m home alone.
13. Dancing and Singing in the shower.
14. Conversations that require no effort to be interesting, they just are.
15. When someone says they are proud of me.
16. My little brothers laugh and smile. The way he checks out every girl he sees and he’s only one hahaha.
17. Swapping LAD stories with my dad, my cousins, my brother and the lads of course.
18. Lad nights out and lazy days.
19. When a girl wears my boxers.
20. Making someone smile.
21. Finding new music to become obsessed with and when someone has the same music taste as you.
22. Concerts & Festivals.
23. When my hair and beard look good.. Hahaha
24. Making someone laugh.
25. Laughing about the antics of back in the day with my mates.
26. Baby animals, monkeys, hippos, puppies, turtles, anything really!
27. When someone says “this reminded me of you” or “I thought of you when..”
28. Conversations that don’t end, they just pick up the next morning.
29. Getting paid €€€
30. Writing blogs 😉

There’s 30 things that make me happy some a little more serious than others but each one certainly does make me smile!


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