Be Kind

I honestly don’t think there is anything better than a kind person. It is such a beautiful trait for someone to have and if you are a kind person I love you haha 🙂

It can be seen in many different ways and that’s the beauty of it. For instance one of my friends hasn’t got a lot of money himself at all but whenever we walk past a homeless person there is a 100% guarantee that he will give his last bit of change to them. Whereas there’s countless numbers of people walking on by not even acknowledging that there’s someone sleeping in a doorway on these freezing cold nights. Now I’m no saint and I’m not saying I do it all the time but I do sometimes and I’m going to do it more because at the end of the day they need it more than you.

You can tell someone is kind just by talking to them. It’s great when you just know they have a good heart and they have good opinions about things and care about more people than just themselves. Go for the people that are thinking about others rather than talking about others. The ones that want to make a difference rather than the ones who complain about the way things are and do nothing.

I think the reason I value kindness so much in someone is because there’s so much negativity in the world, and cruel things happen everyday that make a lot of people very angry and it’s easy to get caught up in that mindset and basically think fuck the world but there’s still people out there who live in the same cruel world and still manage to be kind and brighten people’s day for no apparent reason and they are the special ones and they’re rare to come by!

Which is why I’m going to try my best to be one of them. Kindness goes a long way and a small gesture to you could mean the whole world to someone else. The other great thing about it is it makes you feel good and who doesn’t like feeling good? Bitching about people and turning a blind eye to the bad things happening around you make you feel absolutely nothing. Being kind to someone and making them smile warms your whole soul 🙂 and I think that’s what everybody needs 🙂

The kind people in my life are my favourite people. If there’s anything I want to be remembered for it’s that and I hope whoever is reading this agrees with me and starts being more kind.. What have you got to lose 🙂 ?! ….. Laters x


Last Blog

This will be my last blog post, as it just hasn’t worked out for me unfortunately. Blogging was great fun to do and a great way of getting my feelings out since I have trouble actually saying it. I had goals and dreams for this year but now I’ve only one goal, to make others happy 🙂 I’m taking a break from life but I hope you liked some of my posts and thanks for reading them whoever you are, it’s much appreciated. Goodbye x

Soundtrack of my life

I love music more than anything else in the entire world it’s magical how much power it has and crazy the effect it has on me! Here’s a list of my favourite songs in the whole world whether you care or not … All of the songs mean something specific to me and I suppose they could be used as the soundtrack to my life … 🙂

1. Soul Asylum – Runaway Train
2. Fritz and Paul Kalkbrenner – Sky and Sand (My funeral song)
3. Green Day – Jesus of Suburbia
4. Green Day – Whatsername
5. Blink 182 – always
6. Blink 182 – feeling this
7. Gigi D’Agostino – La Passion
8. Robbie Williams – Eternity
9. Oasis – Live Forever
10. Eminem – Beautiful
11. Hopsin – Ill mind of Hopsin 5,6,7
12. Green Day – Give Me Novacaine
13. Green Day – Basket Case
14. Arctic Monkeys – Stop the world
15. Arctic Monkeys – A certain romance
16. One Republic – Say All I Need
17. SemiSonic – Closing Time
18. Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Dani California
19. The xx – Intro
20. 2pac – Keep ya head up
21. Justin Timberlake – What goes around
22. Eminem – Hailies Song
23. Jack Mellencamp – Jack and Diane
24. Iggy Pop – The passenger
25. Duran Duran – Hungry like a wolf
26. Jaymes Young – Parachute
27. Kodaline – Way back when
28. Greg Laswell – Comes and goes (Niklas Thal Edit)
29. M83 – Wait (Kygo Edit)
30. Dandy Warhols – Bohemian Like You
31. Bakermat – Vandaag
32. Squeeze – Is that love?
33. Steve Miller Band – The Joker
34. Michael Jackson – Man in the mirror
35. Chris Brown – Forever
36. Bob Marley – Redemption Song
37. Bob Marley – Is this love
38. Faithless – Insomnia
39. Owl City – Vanilla Twilight
40. All American Rejects – Move Along
41. Nickelback – Far Away
42. Kodaline – All I want
43. Lana Del Rey – Born to die
44. Billy Joel – Piano Man
45. Foals – My Number
46. Outkast – Ms Jackson
47. Biggie – Suicidal Thoughts
48. 2pac – Changes
49. Plain White T’s – A Lonely September
50. Honour Society – Where are you now
51. Eagle Eye Cherry – Save Tonight
52. Kid Cudi – Dat New New
53. Kid Cudi – pursuit of happiness
54. MGMT – Time to pretend
55. Coldplay – The scientist
56. Stereophonics – Nothing Compares To You
57. Stereophonics – Dakota
58. Kanye West – Heartless
59. Jay Z – Dirt off your shoulder
60. Ed Sheeran – Give me love
61. Ed Sheeran – Little Bird
62. Kanye West – Homecoming
63. Eminem – Mockingbird
64. Foster the kids – Pumped up kicks
65. Gorillaz – Melancholy Hill
66. Jason Derulo – Ridin Solo
67. Jack Johnson – Do you remember?
68. Eric Claptone – Wonderful Tonight
69. John Lennon – Imagine
70. U2 – Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own
71. Blink 182 – Adams Song
72. Coldplay – Fix You
73. T.I – whatever you like
74. Cheap Trick – I want you
75. Jet – Are u gonna be my girl
76. Dexys Midnight Runners – Come on Eileen
77. Childish Gambino – Heartbeat
78. Mika – Happy Ending

Is this it?

Just as I’m lying here in my bed with the moon and stars shining in through my window I routinely start to over think. I stare at the stars and it dawns on me that in a little over a months time I’m going to be 22 years old. I feel as though I haven’t achieved anything significant, I have so many dreams but what if they just stay dreams?

As Drake once said ‘YOLO’ and people took the piss with that phrase haha but he’s absolutely right and I don’t want to waste my life away. I look into the sky and try picture how big the world actually is with nearly 8 billion people living on it and I think there must be something better than this?

There was a reason I was born in Dublin in 1993 and there’s a reason I’m here and it’s not just cause the condom broke! I believe the meaning of life is to find out why you are here, at this moment in time. I don’t think it’s all down to chance and you only have one life to discover yourself. Everybody has something to offer to the world, and everybody can make a difference, big or small, if they try hard enough. I know this is all real deep but I just realised I don’t wanna float through life and not see what the world has to offer me. I’m already practically 22 and I’m still living at home going to the same 9-5 job and it’s okay it’s ‘grand’ and I’m a lazy fucker too so that doesn’t help haha, but I’m certainly not satisfied with the way my life is.

I think I’ll start small and make mini changes to my lifestyle, try new activities and travel as much as I can. Then over time I might figure out what life actually means for me and how I can get the most out of it. You never know I might even find someone to share my life with, and she might bring some meaning to it 🙂 BUT that seems like a long shot but we’ll see…

All I know is I don’t want to be lying in the same bed at 23 looking at the big black sky regretting not having started living my life, or even worse be at the end of my life having not achieved or done ANYTHING really except work in the same job until retirement and then chill as an oul fella with my 30 year old wife haha.. No I know that’s not what I want. Although the 30 year old wife part wouldn’t be TOO bad 😉
There has to be more to life, and hopefully I find out that there is 🙂 if it doesn’t work out for me then at least I tried and really, what’s life without ambition?!

Wish me luck 😉

mae west


Alone..what a lovely word eh? That word can have so many meanings. You could take it literally which means you’re literally by yourself, which isn’t the worst meaning in my opinion. I think the worst meaning is when you feel it, in your own mind and your own heart, whether you’re on your own or not.

The thing is, once you feel alone, you start feeling quite helpless. How do I stop it? Why do I feel this way? I’m not on my own so how come I feel so isolated? It’s very strange and very sad. I could be surrounded by all my friends and still feel alone. I feel as though they don’t have a clue what goes on inside my head or how I really feel and I know they never will, only I will know that. I don’t think there’s any point in trying to explain whats going on in my noggin because I couldn’t put it into words anyway and nobody would want to know. It’s easier to just speak generally and not go too deep into things. It’s so weird because anyone that knows me would never think I feel the way I do or that I think about things so much. I guess its probably better that way, the less they know the better really.

I’d get some slagging’s if I ever told the lads I felt ‘alone’ haha. I’d be swiftly told to man up because obviously it is a weird thing to feel when you’re around people that are meant to make you feel comfortable.

90% of the time I don’t feel alone and I am comfortable and it’s nothing to do with the people around me it’s just down to me. Something triggers it and I suddenly snap into a little depression episode where I over think everything and I worry that I’ll even end up alone because of the way I am and no one is ever gonna really understand me and I can’t imagine someone even bothering to try understand me because my mind is fucked and it’s pretty much unfixable. So on those days I feel like it’s just best to distance myself from everyone and stay inside my own head. It drives me crazy yeah but is it not better to do that than to drive someone else crazy?

Another part I hate is you start feeling really guilty..There are so many people out there with really hard lives that have nobody, no friends or family and here I am whinging cause I feel alone. I wish it wasn’t that way and I’d snap out of it if I could and eventually I do but sometimes it is just too draining putting on the same happy goofy face all the time and acting like everything’s hunky dory when actually deep down I’m really really sad.

I’ve felt so many emotions in the last few months and I think I just overloaded and now I just feel numb. I’m sad and I’m tired of life and the things it throws at me, everyone thinks I’m really strong but does a strong man feel like this? No.

These kind of days come and go like waves, I believe you have to be sad to experience happiness and you have to be happy to know what sadness feels like, but sometimes for me it feels like it’s on an unequal scale and God gives me the smallest dose of happiness to then sink me with sadness. I don’t know if that will ever change (hopefully it will) but I’ll have to keep my chin up as much as I can and try fill the emptiness somehow.

I will always make the most of the bit of happiness that I do get and as I just said to my friend Keri, I’d give my life to be happy and maybe in 2015 things will change and the scale might be tipped towards good things, and this overwhelming feeling will be nothing but a memory and I will find the cure to feeling alone 🙂 Bit optimistic but sure its a start haha,